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Who said waist trainers have to be worn with sweatpants and sneakers? With Bella Beauty's belts, you'll get the following benefits:

1. Immediate slimming results - You’ll notice an hourglass curve at your waist that eliminates muffin top and prevents your belly from sticking out. If you take measurements, your waist could be up to 4 inches slimmer instantly.

2. Enhanced workouts - The garment stimulates thermal activity, literally increasing your body's natural heat. This makes you perspire more in the areas where you're trying to slim down—so you're getting more from your workout without the extra effort.

3. A supplement to your long term slimming goals - For the best results, we recommend wearing a waist trainer 8–12 hours a day, but keep in mind that results will vary depending on your lifestyle, goals, body type, and other factors.

4. Corrected, more confident posture - While wearing a waist trainer, the compression forces you to sit up straighter and thus provides more posture support.